Emaryolla.com is an online platform designed to shape medical imaging and patient-doctor communication according to the requirements of our time. Emayolla was created to send your magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography results to specialists for a medical evaluation. This award-winning platform enables fast and secure evaluation of medical images.


The success of Emayolla.com is due to the fact that it allows patients and doctors to communicate more effectively with each other. Supported by a team experienced in the interpretation of images, the platform provides information and comfort to its users. In this way, patients can have a broader perspective on their medical condition and more consciously evaluate possible treatment options.

Emaryolla.com is designed with a user-friendly and understandable interface. Using this platform can be accomplished in a few simple steps:

  1. First of all, enter the emaryolla.com website.
    Insert your MR CD into your computer’s CD reader.
  2. Click the ‘Choose CD’ button on the platform and select the CD in the player.
  3. Specify your contact information. The accuracy of this information is important for effective sharing of your results with you.
  4. Hit the ‘SEND’ button and make sure your results reach the expert team.

Upon completion of these steps, the expert team on Emaryolla.com will quickly evaluate your images and get back to you. This platform provides great convenience in the process of evaluating and managing medical images and makes this process less stressful.


Emaryolla.com has been developed in order to adapt to the digitalized health services of our age and to increase the quality of life of patients. It serves as an important tool for the rapid, safe and effective evaluation of medical imaging results in the health sector.