25 August 2023

🎥 Welcome to the 2nd video of our Spondylolisthesis Series with Özgür Akşan!


🚑 In this video, we examine the causes and different types of waist slippage. 📚 🔍


Is Isthmic Spondylolisthesis caused by a crack or fracture in the spinal column?


Does Degenerative Spondylolisthesis develop with age?


All the details you need to know about Congenital, Traumatic and Pathological Spondylolisthesis are waiting for you in this video!


🦴 Don’t miss this video to protect your back health and learn about waist slippage! 💪🌟


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25 August 2023

🔍 The Reason Behind Low Back Pain: Spondylolisthesis 🔍


Dr. Özgür Akşan provides in-depth information on ‘Spondylolisthesis’, one of the most common causes of low back pain. Many people who experience low back pain do not know the true cause of this condition. Spondylolisthesis occurs when one of the vertebrae slips relative to the other and can lead to a variety of symptoms.


Learn more about the pain, nerve compression, and other symptoms this condition causes in our video. Be conscious for your health! 🩺🦴


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25 August 2023

🧠 At the Brain and Nerve Clinic, we take an in-depth look at the potential serious causes of neck pain and how these conditions can be treated.


While neck pain can only be a temporary inconvenience, it can sometimes be an indication of more serious health problems. In this video, we cover conditions such as cervical disc herniation, cervical spondylosis and spinal cord compression and explain how these conditions can be treated.


If you are experiencing persistent or severe neck pain, we strongly recommend that you consult a healthcare professional. Do not risk your health and remember the importance of early diagnosis!


For more information and detailed treatment options, visit our website: 🌐 brainvesinir.com


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25 August 2023

🖥️📱 In our digitalized world, computers and smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. However, one of the biggest problems we encounter while using these devices is neck pain. So, how can we prevent these pains? 🤔


Having your screen at eye level helps less strain on your neck muscles. This can help prevent neck pain even with prolonged use. Also, keeping your keyboard and mouse in a comfortable position can also reduce wrist and shoulder pain.


🖱️⌨️ 🪑 The way you sit is critical to the health of your spine. Proper posture protects your spine and prevents pain. A height-adjustable chair and an ergonomic desk support the correct sitting position.


🚶‍♂️ 💪 Adopting an active lifestyle strengthens your neck and shoulder muscles. Exercises that specifically target the neck and shoulder muscles prevent potential pain and discomfort. Regular walks, activities like yoga or pilates can improve your overall muscle health.


🧘‍♀️ 😓 Stress is a common cause of neck pain. Coping with stress improves your overall health. Meditation, deep breathing techniques, and proper sleep patterns are effective methods of reducing stress.


🧠🌱 Finally, if you are constantly experiencing neck pain, it is best to consult a specialist. The underlying cause of your pain may be a symptom of a more serious health problem.


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25 August 2023

📚 Understanding Neck Pain: An Academic Perspective 📚


Neck pain can sometimes be a symptom of a more serious condition. For example, cervical disc herniation is usually managed with physical therapy, medications, and lifestyle changes. However, if it does not respond to these treatments, surgical intervention may be required.


Cervical spondylosis, that is, the discs and joints in the neck spine can wear down, causing pain and stiffness. This condition is usually managed with lifestyle changes, physical therapy, and medications. However, if the pain becomes severe or persistent, surgical intervention may be required.


In the case of spinal cord compression, which can cause neck pain and sometimes weakness or numbness in the hands and feet, surgical intervention is usually necessary because spinal cord compression can cause permanent damage.


🔗 It is very important to consult academic resources to look deeper into the reasons for this issue. This allows us to make sure that the information shared is accurate and reliable.


🌐 Stay informed, stay healthy!


🌐 Visit https://beyinvesinir.com/BN003/ for more information and references.


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25 August 2023

📚 Understanding Neck Pain: An Academic Perspective 📚


Neck pain is caused by various disorders or diseases that affect tissues in the neck, including nerves, bones, joints, ligaments or muscles. The cervical spine, which is the neck region of our spine, consists of seven bones (C1-C7 vertebrae) separated by intervertebral discs between them. These discs act as shock absorbers and allow the spine to move freely.


Causes of neck pain include arthritis, disc degeneration, muscle inflammation, strain, trauma, and rare conditions such as cancer or meningitis. Age, injury, poor posture and diseases can lead to degeneration of the cervical spine, causing disc herniation or bony spurs. Such conditions can put pressure on the spinal cord, affect nerve function, and potentially endanger vital organs.


🔍 Did you know? Pressure on a nerve can cause symptoms such as numbness, pain, or weakness in the arm. Also, cervical stenosis, in which the spinal canal narrows, compresses the spinal cord especially due to age-related degeneration.


🚑 If you are experiencing neck pain with symptoms such as weakness or numbness in the arm, it is very important to consult a neurosurgeon immediately.


🌐 Visit https://beyinvesinir.com/BN003/ for more information and references. #NeckPain #HealthAwareness #SpinalHealth #Neurology #İzmir #Alsancak #brainvesinir #brainvesinirsurgery #neurosurgery

25 August 2023

🎯 “Brain Tumors: Definitive Diagnosis with Stereotactic Biopsy!” 🎯


The diagnosis of a brain tumor is usually made with imaging tests such as MRI and Tomography, and sometimes a special type of biopsy called the Stereotactic Biopsy.


💡🔬 Stereotactic biopsy is a minimally invasive method for diagnosing brain tumors. This technique allows precise sampling of tumor or other abnormal brain tissue.


💎🧠 During the procedure, the patient’s head is fixed using a special frame. Afterwards, images obtained by tomography and MR are combined using special software.


📊🖥️ In this way, the surgeon determines the exact location of the tumor and the safest route to reach this location. Thus, a sample is taken from the brain tissue with the least risk of complications. The sample we receive is sent to the pathology laboratory for examination. 🎯🔍


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25 August 2023

📣 “Brain Tumors: Mysterious Symptoms and Solutions!” 📣


Brain tumors are usually manifested by a variety of signs and symptoms. These vary depending on the size, speed, and location of the tumor. 😷🧠


Common symptoms may include headache, nausea, vomiting, balance problems, speech and vision difficulties, changes in sensory and locomotion, personality and behavioral changes, insomnia, and even seizures (epilepsy). 🌪️⚡


Headaches, in particular, are usually worse in the morning and are relieved throughout the day. Also, actions such as movement, coughing, or bending can make the pain worse. But remember, we are all different and symptoms can vary from person to person. 🌞🔄


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25 August 2023

🔔 “The Mysterious World of Headache: Brain Tumors and More!” 🔔 A headache is not just an inconvenience, it may be a warning sign. 🔍


In terms of neurosurgery, these conditions can include serious problems such as brain tumors, brain aneurysms, cerebral hemorrhages and hydrocephalus.


👨‍⚕️🧠 Brain tumors are a mass formed as a result of abnormal cell growth. They can be in different regions and have serious consequences. 🏥


There are two types of brain tumors: primary and secondary. Primary tumors begin in the brain itself or in the nerves. Secondary tumors spread from another part of the body to the brain, that is, they metastasize. ⚠️


Be careful, there may be something serious under your headache!


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16 August 2023

Ağrıyan boynunu tutan bir kadın

🚨‼️ Beware of Cervical Hernia ‼️🚨

👋 Our dear patients and followers! 👋 Today we will talk about a problem that we can all face: Cervical Hernia! 😰

Cervical hernia occurs when the discs in our cervical spine (neck region of the spine) enlarge or rupture. 📉 As we age, our discs can wear down and this usually occurs after the age of 40. 😧 However, age alone may not cause neck hernia. Occupational requirements, sports injuries, genetic factors, obesity and smoking can also increase the risk. 🚬🏋️‍♂️⚠️

So, how can we be protected from cervical hernia? 🤔

1️⃣ Adopt a healthy lifestyle: Physical activity, healthy diet and regular sleep can help keep the spine healthy. 🏃‍♂️🥗💤 Limit smoking and alcohol consumption and maintain your ideal body weight. 🚭🍷⚖️

2️⃣ Practice proper body mechanics: Learn proper lifting techniques when carrying heavy loads and create an ergonomic workspace. 💪🪑🛋️

3️⃣ Regular exercise and stretching: Exercises that strengthen the neck and shoulders can reduce the risk of cervical hernia. 🧘‍♀️💪

4️⃣ Recognize the early signs: If you experience symptoms such as neck pain, numbness or weakness, contact a healthcare professional immediately. 🆘🩺

Remember, your health is paramount! 😊🙏 A healthy spine means a healthy life. 💯💪👍




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12 August 2023

Lumbar spinal stenosis, also known as “low back canal narrowing”, is a condition that is usually seen with age and causes symptoms such as pain, weakness and numbness due to the narrowing of the nerves in the lumbar region. 👴👵 This condition usually develops gradually and its symptoms may worsen over time. 📈💤Pain and discomfort caused by stenosis usually increase with walking or standing for long periods and decrease when sitting or leaning forward. Although stenosis is more common in older patients, it can also be seen in younger patients.


Nonsurgical treatment options include physical therapy, medications, and injections. These can help relieve symptoms and improve function. 💊🧘‍♀️ However, if the condition becomes serious and symptoms begin to significantly affect quality of life, surgical intervention may be required. 🩺🔪


No matter what age group you are, if you experience lower back pain, weakness or numbness while walking, you should see a neurosurgeon to have your lumbar spinal stenosis checked for the possibility. 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ Remember, early detection often leads to better outcomes and can help preserve your quality of life.


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05 August 2023

Emaryolla.com is an online platform designed to adapt medical image evaluation and patient-doctor communication🗣️ for the modern age💻🌐. We are at your service to send your MRI (EMAR) and computed tomography results to our experts🧑‍⚕️🏥. This award-winning platform enables fast⚡ and secure🔒 evaluation of medical images.

Using emaryolla.com is very simple! Here are the steps👇:

1️⃣ Enter the website Emaryolla.com.
2️⃣ Insert your EMAR CD into your computer💿.
3️⃣ Click the ‘Choose CD’ button🖱️.
4️⃣ Enter your contact information ☎️.
5️⃣ Press the ‘SEND’ button🚀.

And that’s it! Our expert team will evaluate your images and get back to you👨‍💻📧.

Emaryolla.com has been developed to adapt to the digitalized health services of our age and to increase the quality of life of patients. It is an important tool for the rapid, safe and effective evaluation of medical imaging results in the healthcare industry🎯.

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28 July 2023

Headaches are a common health problem that we often overlook. However, persistent or severe headaches can be a sign of more serious health problems. In this video, Dr. from Izmir Brain and Nerve Clinic. Özgür Akşan shares important information about headaches and deals with conditions such as brain tumors, brain aneurysm, cerebral hemorrhage and hydrocephalus.


This video also covers topics such as the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors, the symptoms and consequences of a brain aneurysm, hydrocephalus and the causes of headaches in children. Watch this video to learn more about brain health and give your brain health the attention it deserves.

25 July 2023

Başı ağrıdığı için kafasını ellerinin arasına almış genç bir erkek

🧠💡 “A Problem That Should Not Be Ignored: Headache” 🚫💔


Dear patients and followers,


Headaches are part of most of our lives. However, experiencing persistent or severe headaches can be a sign of a serious health problem. 👀🔍


From a neurosurgery perspective, headaches can sometimes be a symptom of conditions such as a brain tumor, brain aneurysm, or cerebral hemorrhage. Such situations require immediate medical attention.🏥🚨


It is important not to underestimate the headache. If your headache is persistent or getting worse, make an appointment right away to see a neurologist or neurosurgeon. 👩‍⚕️📆


A healthy brain means a healthy life. Do not ignore your headaches and give due importance to your brain health. 🧠💪


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27 June 2023

Dear patients and followers, 🥰 Eid-al-Adha is one of the best times to be together with our loved ones and express our love for each other. 🌍💞 May this holiday be full of health, peace and happiness for all our nation. 🌺🌙 With our sincere wishes, Happy Eid Al-Adha. 🐏🎉 Best regards. 🙏 #HealthKalın #KurbanBayramı ✨

28 April 2023

Dr Özgür Akşan kliniğinde doğum günü pastasıyla

🎉🎂🥳🎁 Today is a special day! My dear friends, today is my birthday 🎉🎂🥳🎁 and I am 46 years old.
Thank you 💖 for being with me in the past, supporting me and wishing me well.
We are getting bigger with each passing year and we have more to discover.
The smile on my face stays the same as always 😊 because I have an excellent reason to celebrate my life. I embrace you all with love! 🤗💕

10 November 2022

As a spiritual legacy, I do not leave any rigid, dogma, frozen, stereotyped rules. My spiritual heritage is science and reason. Those who want to adopt me after me will be my spiritual heirs if they accept the guidance of reason and knowledge on this fundamental axis.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
(Ismet Giritli, Kemalist Revolution and Its Ideology, Istanbul University Press, 1980, p. 13.)


He, does not die.
We commemorate veteran mustafa kemal atatürk with respect, gratitude and longing…
#10 November

19 May 2022

Happy 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷


“The strength you need in the noble blood in your veins.”
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

2 May 2022

Happy Ramadan Feast.


Happy Holidays


28 April 2021



We continue to provide health services during the full closure period, which will last from 19.00 on Thursday, April 29, 2021 until 05.00 on Monday, May 17, 2021.



23 April 2021

Happy April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, gifted to children by the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, to the whole world and to our nation.

Happy 101. th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Grand National Assembly – April 23, 1920 🇹🇷❤️

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17 April 2021

II. Uluslararası Sağlıkta Yapay Zeka Kongresi

II International Congress of Artificial Intelligence in Health to 2021
We participated with emaryolla.com (Sendmri.com) and presented our oral presentation.


I would like to thank my teammates;

Associate Professor Nail Ozdemir

Associate Professor Senem Alkan Ozdemir

Specialist Dr Feryal Aksan.

🍀🖖🦩 @emaryolla @sendmri

29 September 2020

Dr Özgür Akşan ve ekibi bir operasyon öncesinde

We are ready to perform our first surgery at the Private Health Hospital.
Hope to increase health investments in İzmir. Everything suits Izmir, good luck to Izmir, we wish you healthy days.

9 September 2020

Dr Özgür Akşan ve ekibi bir operasyon öncesinde

Dear Patients and Followers;


We are ready to perform our first surgery at Medicana International Izmir Hospital.
We wish the best for Izmir.

September 9, 2020

30 August 2020

M. Kemal Atatürk ve İsmet İnönü cephede bir istişarede

Happy August 30 Victory Day 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

31 July 2020

Dr Özgür Akşan, Dr Feryal Akşan ve kızları

Dear Patients and Followers;

We celebrate your Eid-al-Adha with our sincere wishes.
Love to all of you from my hometown of Trabzon.

Stay with Atatürk, Happy Holidays.

Dr. Ozgur AKSAN

5 March 2020

We are at the congress 🇹🇷🍀👍

14 September 2019

Bel açma germe yapan bir kadın

With the change of the weather, your existing back pain may increase and there may be stiffness in the waist.
So, what’s good for waist stiffness?
Lumbar Hernia Exercises With the PDF file, you can reduce the waist stiffness with the exercises you will do regularly.
With the rapid arrival of autumn, let’s start dressing a little tighter now.
You can download our waist exercise chart to your mobile phone in image format from the button below.
With love
BVS-İzmir (Beyin ve Sinir)
#Hernia #LbackPain #Exercise #Autumn #Stuck Back

9 September 2019

Türk ordusunun 9 Eylül günü İzmir'e girişini gösteren bir yağlıboya tabla

“Gentlemen, let the whole world hear,

Izmir is now a holy land that no dirty foot can step on.”

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


Happy 9th September Izmir’s liberation!

21 August 2019

Başı ağrıyan bir kadın

Persistent Headaches and Brain
Space Occupying Lesion ❗️❗️
The most common cause of headaches is tension-type headaches. However, as a secondary cause, the most important issue in terms of neurosurgery is brain tumors. .
👉 Although brain tumor symptoms vary depending on the size of the tumor and in which part of the brain it is located, the most common brain tumor symptoms are headache, numbness in the arms and legs, memory problems and balance problems. .
Brain tumors are divided into benign and malignant. .
1️⃣ Benign Brain Tumors: Non-cancerous brain tumors have a clearly visible border and usually do not spread to surrounding tissues.
2️⃣ Malignant Brain Tumor: Malignant brain tumors, which are formed by cancer cells, grow faster than benign tumors and can invade nearby brain tissue.
It can spread to other parts of the brain and spinal cord.
#Headache #Migraine #BrainTumor #Ur #Cancer #Metastasis #Brain and Nerve #Epilepsy #Alsancak #İzmir

6 July 2019

sterotaksik beyin biyopsisi esnasında çekilmiş bir fotoğraf

Stereotaxic Biopsy – Brain Biopsy;


In brain tumors; It is a surgical procedure to determine the type of cells (Benevolent).


#Sterotaxy #BrainBiopsy #Benign Tumor #Surgery #Neurosurgery #Brain and Nerve #İzmir #Alsancak #DBS #DeepBrainStimulation

26 May 2019

Dr Özgür Akşan'ın 2019 yılında Türkiye - Azerbaycan Omurga Toplantısında çekilmiş bir fotoğrafı

We have completed our “Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 – Türkiye 🇹🇷 Spine Health” Meeting. 👍